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WOA Consulting Group is a Canadian owned licensed MDEL (14041) PPE Supplier operating out of Manitoba, Canada. Our company has taken priority to fulfil the urgent demand of Canadians with a goal to supply the certified PPE Supplies in ethical manner.   

Our goal and mission is to provide customers with only certified products at reasonable prices.  The WOA Consulting Group have been supplying Non-Medical Grade as well as Medical/Surgical Personal Protective Equipment to the public & private sectors such as schools, government organizations, daycares, health care and businesses across Canada.

The WOA Consulting Group Ltd is working only with pre-checked manufacturers certified by Health Canada that have a proven quality record.  Our WOA team works intensively on a daily basis to secure reliable supply chains and procure high-quality products in large quantity to bring down the cost. We are also delighted to be selling Canadian Made PPE Supplies.  

Today we are pleased to introduce you to a new product WOA PROTECT – a unique patented technology that prevents any viruses, germs and bacterial development in 99.9%. Our WOA PROTECT product provides an invisible, protective layer made from nano-polymer technology. The positively charged ions or tips penetrate and destroy invading viruses, bacteria, germs and fungi leaving your hands and surfaces subtle and protected. 

24 hour protection on Hands / 28 days protection on Surface

Always stay safe and protect!